How to Build an Effective and Efficient Team from Scratch?

If you’re in a managerial or team leading role, then it may get quite difficult to manage a group of people who are extremely opposite for each other, when it comes to thoughts, ideas, and conceptualization.


Finding mid-way resolutions and resolving on-going conflicts isn’t an easy task for everyone, but all of this can get streamlined by applying right approach to make your team members come together and work as an army.


If you’re planning to build a strong team that can help your achieve your business goals at a faster pace, then read the following tips suggested by Samer El Bizri about how to build an effective and efficient team right from scratch:


1.    Establishing Leadership


If you don’t think that you can take decision correctly, then it is sad to reveal that you must not lead a team ever. Compelling employees about your decisions, making them accept them happily and ensuring their constant contribution to make your vision turn to reality is the first step towards making a good team.


A lot of the team building companies developing the right kind of leadership skills before you start heading a team to ensure that they work effectively even when you’re away.


2. Maintain Strong Relationships With Employees


Picking your most favorite employee, connecting with him/her daily, and asking about project progress from a particular individual will never help you win the game. Treat everyone equally and maintain healthy relations with each member of the team to build trust and confidence amongst your team members.


If you wish to organize team building activities UAE at your office location, then study a few websites to know about the one that matches your requirements and help your team to maintain healthy relations with cross-functional teams, and members amongst themselves.


3. Fostering Teamwork and Goal Settlement


Never be a bossy leader. It is one of the most popular tips that you will find in popular business management books and leadership reports. The solution to this problem is fostering teamwork and appreciating individual contribution during success meets. No team can achieve the defined goals, if the members do not take active part in the tasks being performed or plan being made.


Encourage your team to share information, expert tips, suggestions and concerns, and other crucial matters amongst themselves to build trust and reliability. Next step is to plan out a detailed goal sheet for your team to help them stay productive towards common business goals while managing their individual responsibilities.


Samer El Bizri is an Executive Officer at zEconomy, Inc. and a successful businessman who provides the help in executive management and cross-functional team leadership. Mr. Bizri works with teams in organisations who want to be more effective and achieve sustained success.

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